Chapter IV Gallery show Video recap!

ToonColor Ensemble event Video Recap!

MassMouth StorySlam event Video recap!

TEDxMassachusettsCollegeofArtandDesign Video Recaps!

The Festival is complete!!

We can’t believe it! The Festival of Narratives has come to a close! The Gallery at The Piano Factory is empty and clean, The Pozen Center is not reserved for anymore Eventworks events and our office is an absolute disaster!! But we did it! And we are still alive!! 

HUGE thanks to everyone who helped make this month a smashing success =) We had a grand old time throwing each event….and in the end….they were all for YOU!!

Check out the Studio for Interrelated Media’s Flickr page to see some photos from ToonColor Ensemble!! And check back soon for more photos and videos from the fruitful month of April!!

<3 many hugs, Brooke.

Chapter II is complete!! This past Friday, as part of The Festival of Narratives, Eventworks 2012 hosted a StorySlam in the Pozen Center at MassArt! We invited the local storytelling group, MassMouth to co-produce this event with us, and so many friendly faces attended! The stories were everywhere from The MASTER Cleanse, to rating girls with Mom’s, to static electricity’s relationship to goldfish!! We want to thank everyone who attended, each brave soul who shared a story, and the board of honest judges, for gracing The Festival with their presence! Lastly thanks to our feature storyteller, Janelle who spoke so eloquently of her misfortunes and the lessons she learned from such experiences. We couldn’t have invited a more fitting and appropriate SIM and Eventworks Alumna, nor speaker!! And lastly…… our very talented winner of the night……(drumroll please)……BENJAMIN CUNNINGHAM!!!!!

Check out the video to get a little taste of everyones poetic stories on Mystery and Misfortune!!

Video Documentation by: Ryan Dight and Eric Johannessen

Video by Brooke Scibelli

JOIN US! TONIGHT! For Chapter II of The Festival of Narratives! Tonight, Friday the 13th, at 7pm in The Pozen Center, Eventworks 2012 is hosting a STORYSLAM!! Because its Friday the 13th we are asking YOU to come tell your tall tales of mystery and misfortune! Compete for $100 massage at Boston Body Workers, $50 gift certificate to Blick, and $25 gift card for JP licks! And meet the lively group of impressive storytellers from MassMouth!

See you tonight, 7:00pm-9:30pm, The Pozen Center, North Building of Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Off of Huntington Avenue, use the entrance to North Bldg. where Tetlow St and Evan’s way meet!

TEDxMassCollegeofArtandDesign finally happened this past Friday! It was a lovely evening on Art and Activism with a full house and inspiring stories! We want to thank everyone who helped make Chapter I of The Festival of Narratives a huge success!

Thanks to Ariel, Julie and Dyllan for sticking with Eventworks for the past few months and working with your noses to the grind everyday =) Thanks to Julie D and her team, and Haley House for the delicious grub! Thank you times-a-million to all the beautiful, smiling volunteers who joined us on Friday! Thank you for the extremely talented and patient stage design team! Thank you documentation crew for helping it still exist today! Thanks to all of the presenters and the whole tribe from Genki Spark for enlightening us! And lastly, thank you dearly to everyone in the audience who made this production well worth it!!


The department chair of the Studio for Interrelated Media, Nita Sturiale speaks of her time as a SIM student, and a member of an Eventworks team. Nita returned to SIM to teach and advise the SIM community here at MassArt. Listen for some inspiring words on how to navigate the labyrinth of MassArt’s finest department =) Thanks Nita.

Come get your event tickets!!!

Come get your event tickets!!!